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Hi, I'm Leigh Thomas. I've worked in corporate communications for over 25 years, and that means I've done, and learned, a lot.

I started my career as a technical writer. After I earned my MBA, my work expanded to include marketing, public relations, and sales support. I directed the marketing efforts of multiple companies; in those roles, I produced comprehensive marketing plans and executed them, so I understand marketing from conception to completion. My experience spans numerous industries, including technology, healthcare, engineering, real estate, and non-profit.

So, aside from my qualifications, why should you work with me? 1) I'll single-handedly handle all aspects of your project. You'll pay for only one person rather than an entire agency. That allows me to work with your shoestring budget. 2) Because you'll work with only me, your project won't get passed from person to person, with details lost along the way. 3) I love what I do, and I really, really want to make my clients happy. I'll stick with your project until both of us are satisfied.

Enough about me. Let's talk about how we can spotlight you. 

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